Coquette is an American rock band based out of Central Vermont, consisting of Cobalt Tolbert (lead guitar), Angus Davis (lead bass) and Titien Tolbert (lead drums). For years, the trio have played in a string of bands, including the locally successful acoustic cover group, Carter Glass, until consolidating into Coquette in the Spring of 2013. Drawing influence from prog and punk, they created a varied, often frenetic kind of alternative rock, with strong focus on composition. Cobalt and his brother Titien met Angus in high school in 2009 and immediately started working together due to their shared musical interests and tastes. Using material that they had been writing in a basement for several years, they released their first EP with Vincent Freeman of Green Mountain Records in September of 2013, and began performing regularly at open mics, even headlining at Barnstock in Calais, VT. Their live shows are high-energy, with a positive, spastic intensity that audiences of all kinds appreciate. They are continually writing new material and currently focusing on playing as much as possible throughout Vermont.





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