Recording “Sorry Mom” live demo at The Woodshed

Sorry MomDSC_0040A few months ago the band Sorry Mom started practicing, writing music and lyrics. After getting their stuff semi-figured out Justin Aronson approached me and asked if I’d be interested in recording a live demo of their current songs to later hand out at shows, etc. Of course I said yes! I’m always looking for cool new projects and this one seamed great. Bow Thayer of “Bow Thayer and the perfect Trainwreck” had earlier invited me to use his recording space, “The Woodshed” and so Justin and I spent months planning out the recording session. I was excited to be able to use my new Saffire Pro 40 with eight inputs to record all instruments live.DSC_0029 On thursday night, February 27 we drove all of our equipment over to The Woodshed in two very packed cars  and Justin, Jackson Jacques and I started setting everything up and did a brief soundcheck. Then we drove home awaiting the big day.

On Saturday, March 1st, we all met up at the studio around noon, Justin, Jackson, JT Day, Ben Perry and I. Everyone got their instruments set up, tuned and I started my computer. I put up a bunch of cameras and then we jumped right in, song 1 through 8. We recorded each song at least twice to have something to choose from later on.Jackson took some pictures and assisted me, DSC_0105because we recorded the band without vocals. After lots of recording, taking breaks, drinking lots of water, Red Bull and beer, we all sat down and listened to the products of our hard work, chose the best version of each song and then filmed and recorded two of the songs with vocals for special music videos of which one you can watch here:

Then at around 6 or 7 we wrapped up, cleaned out the studio and filled our cars back up.

Since then I have created the video above, Sorry Mom had their debut show at Jim’s Basement (Click here to watch their show!) and Jackson and I started recording vocals in the comfort of my vocal booth. There will be new stuff regarding Sorry Mom’s LIVE demo soon! Stay tuned…


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